Jul 23, 2011

Mark's Birth Story (unfinished in my drafts for over 3 yrs.)

I am finally starting to write my Mark's Birth Story. He will be one month tomorrow. I can't believe how time has passed so quickly. I am doing well and been doing a little exercising here and there the past few days. (sit-ups, squats, and push ups) I am so ready to run again.

Thursday July 23 I had my last midwife appointment before Mark was born. I decided to take all the kiddos with me. I would usually take Dana and Faith and Lily and have Logan watch Maggie. On that day Dana decided she didn't want to go. So I was trying to figure out how to do it. I finally just decided to take all of them. They weren't behaving so well. My midwife Jen told me they needed to be quiet because there was an acupuncture session going on. I was embarrassed that she had to tell me to keep my kids quiet. So Logan was the only one outside of the room. I had all four girls in the room with me. They were still misbehaving. I wasn't in a very good mood. I was even short with Jen! I apologized to her later in a text at 12:46 pm I said, " Sorry about my kiddos I won't be bringing all of them anymore. Not sure why they couldn't listen."
I tend to always get grumpy, mean and angry when I am about to deliver. It seems everyone  and everything gets on my nerves. it is like I want to be by  myself and get away from everyone. I especially am not kind too Brandon. I am not sure why if there is a surge in some kind of hormone that makes me feel angry. The kiddos start getting yelled at it is a mess. I always have to apologize then try to explain it is because I am about to have a baby and that is why I am not very nice.

Jen said," I understand about the kiddos, just wanted you & Mark to get the attention you deserve.

I said, "Thank you, sorry I am grumpy today."

Jen said," You're allowed to be grumpy- pregnant in NM Summer with lots of responsibilities is a tall order!

I was resting ALL day. I knew I needed to listen to my body and rest and not worry about other things. Which is really hard to do when you have 5 children. I think Netflix was watching them hat day. I just let myself lay in bed and rest. My body definitely knew something and I am glad I listened to it. 

Brandon had to be at Youth Conference in the evening after work. He also needed to be there on Friday all day. He had already taken off of work for Friday. We  kept saying how Friday would be great because he already had the day off.

At 5:06 I texted Brandon, Blood tinged mucus woohoo... now if I can just get regular contractions.

At 5:08pm I sent a text to Jen I said," Blood tinged mucus WOOHOO, it may not mean much but it is a sign of things opening up...... Now if I could start getting regular contractions :)" 

Brandon called on the phone and I was upset with him. I guess I was wishing he could be home with me I just wanted him here with me. I also wanted to support him in being there for the Youth. However I said to him why don't you just stay the night there.... He didn't hear me and he said, "What"? I said, "Nothing". I knew what i said wasn't very nice so I didn't repeat it. My body was getting ready to have the baby, I was still grumpy with him, yet I wanted him with me.

Not sure what time it was maybe around 9pm when I let Faith and Lily get into bed with. In order to get Faith to go to sleep I let her watch a Curious George Movie on Netflix on my laptop. I was on one side, Lilybug was in the middle and Faithy girl was on the the other side of the bed next to the computer.  It may sound weird but that night with the little ones was very special to me. Snuggling with Lily was so special. Falling to sleep next to her. The night before Lily was falling to sleep with her hand on my belly. She loved to feel my belly and talk about baby Mark. Brandon got home late and put the girls in their beds. I am not sure what time he got to bed but I think it was 11:30 or after.

I woke up a little after 1am with a contraction and it felt like Mark's head just dropped. I started having contractions lots of contractions. I texted Jen and this is what I said. "Just a heads up I got woken up by an interesting contraction and it felt like the baby's head moving down. I had 5 contractions in 17 mins. Some were pretty good they seem real to me. Getting a bit nervous and shaky."

I wasn't sure if I was shaky because I was excited and nervous or if it had to do with labor. I did wake Brandon up, I didn't know he barely had any sleep. I wanted him to help get everything ready that we needed to have our home water birth.

We had the pool blown up all ready. We needed to add a little more air to it, get plastic and another set of sheets put on the bed, put a blanket down and some tarps down. I had all the other supplies ready to go. Towels, wash cloths, chux pads, outfits for the baby etc.

All these things kept going through my mind of what I wanted to do before Mark was born. I wanted to get pictures with all the kiddos with my belly. Dana was the only kiddo staying home the rest of the kiddos were going to go to Grammas. Gramma got here about 5:30. I really would've like it if more of the kiddos could've been there. I asked Logan if he wanted to be here for the birth he said yes then changed his mind. Maggie wasn't at all interested. Faith and Lily I thought were too young. Lily for sure was. I really wanted to be able to concentrate on laboring without feeling like I had to take care of the little ones at the same time. Bernadette was wonderful to take them.

I was able to get pictures and video with the kiddos and my belly.

Jun 17, 2011

Reminiscing About My Pregnancies (Part Two) Logan

I love how the Lord puts certain people in our lives to help us along our way. These people can be the answers to your prayers. Gods angels on earth. Brooke was one of those angels for me, an answer to my prayers. I really wanted to have a baby after having a miscarriage or blighted ovum. I wondered what to do. I became friends with Brooke, we went to church together. I remember one night we were driving in her car and we were having a great conversation. She had struggled with infertility and she began asking me a lot of personal questions (which were quite appropriate). I answered them and she said I bet you have the same thing that I do, Stein Leventhal Syndrome or PCOS .  Since she went through all the tests etc. She knew what would work best and what I should ask the Dr. to do. I followed her advice (knowing the Lord put her in my path). I had blood tests, ultrasounds, a hysterosalpingogram-HSG done, among other things. I did have PCOS. I was so grateful that Brooke and I had that conversation that night. She set me on a road that resulted in me getting pregnant with my first child, my son Logan. It was very frustrating at times. I remember having to be very proactive knowing that I did have PCOS and that I needed the Dr. to know that I did! I found myself at times telling him what I wanted done. Then I had to make sure he gave me the results. Geesh the Air Force.... that is all I can say.

 The Dr. prescribed Clomid, I took only one round of pills (like 4) and boom got pregnant with Logan.
Knowing what I know now and looking back on my life, if you think that you have PCOS it can be cured... atleast it is my belief  that through exercise and diet you can be cured. I wouldn't recommend being on hormones, Metformin, or infertility drugs for any extended period of time. We need to heal our bodies and make them work correctly through natural means.

With that being said I was not in the best of shape when I was pregnant with Logan. I got HUGE! My face swelled and my ankles swelled. By belly was giant. I was around 31 or 32 weeks and I was having lots of contractions and they stopped them with a Tributaline shot. OUCH! It hurt really bad and continued to be sore even after I had Logan! They told me that if I went into labor before 36 weeks i wouldn't be able to deliver at the Air Force Hospital (Dyess Air Foece Base).

I had wonderful friends plan a shower for me. Suzanne and Gidget. I was due on March 26th 1999. And they threw the shower for me on February 21st. Some people wondered why I was having the shower a month before he was due. Like it was way too soon to have a baby shower. I told people well I was 8 weeks early and who knows if he will be early or not.

Logan's Auntie Elle flew in from Utah to come to the shower. She made a very sweet blanket for him. We lived in Abilene Texas at the time. And Elle had to fly out of Lubbock TX. She flew out on the 22nd and before she left she said, "Now don't go having that baby now that I am leaving!"

I remember that drive (which was over a 2 hour drive) was very uncomfortable for me. I was so very sore. I wass exhaustes by the time we came home. I was so tired I went to bed as soon as we got home. I remember getting up several times to go to potty. It was the weirdest thing while walking to the toilet I had to go so bad, then when I sat down I couldn't go. I stood up and I had to etc. etc. So I just stood up to empty my bladder. TMI I know but I just thought it to be so strange.

At 1AM I was woken up to a FLOOD! My water BROKE! I wasn't due for another 4 1/2 weeks! It was really a beautiful feeling for me an overwhelming feeling of I am going to meet my son soon! I remember being told about if your water breaks how it really is. I was told that it isn't like in the movies where it just floods all over the place. It is more like a trickle. YA RIGHT!  Mine wasn't a trickle!

With every contractions lots of water came out. I wondered what happened to my gigantic belly? Where did it go? I called my mom. She said, "Now it will happen one of  two ways, either you go quick or it will take a while." (what are the other options LOL) I was just chatting away. My husband (now ex husband)... to be continued

Jun 15, 2011

Reminiscing About My Pregnancies (Part One)

Brandon and I have decided that this will be our last child (unless Heavenly Father intervenes). It is hard for me because I will be closing the child bearing chapter in my life. This chapter has been open for a long time. Since my early 20's and I am 35 now. The Child Rearing Chapter will be in full force. Concentrating on really being here for all of my 6 children. Raising them to be God fearing individuals and "good kids". With all that that entails.

As I sit here thinking about this being my last pregnancy, it is bittersweet for me. I feel privileged to have had 5 healthy beautiful children and another one on the way. Bringing children into this world is a blessing. I know I have done something very sacred. Bringing these special spirits from our Heavenly Father, helping them to gain a body so they can fulfill their Missions in this life. All part of the Plan of Salvation. We have planned a Home Water Birth with this baby. I am very excited and nervous. I feel very blessed from my Heavenly Father to be able to have a home birth. To be able to celebrate this birth and this "chapter" in my life. I am due in about 3 weeks, around the 4th of July.

During this pregnancy I haven't been checked to find out how dilated I am or to see if anything is "happening". When I was pregnant with Lily I was checked several times and all it did was make me frustrated, and impatient because I  was dilated and effaced for weeks before she was born. I thought any day she'll be born. Wrong she was born 2 days after her guess date.

I feel very patient in this pregnancy trying to enjoy every last minute of it. That is why I am blogging about it. I want to remember what it was like to be pregnant, since I tend to forget. As I sit here and type I am crying... Little Mark is moving and sticking his cute little butt up on my left side. He loves to stick his foot out on the right side. I am one that does miss the baby moving inside of me after they are born. It may sound crazy to some. There is no other thing like it in the world! Even holding my babies and breastfeeding I still will miss them moving inside of me. Weird I know. I even question the rational.

I slept really good a couple nights ago (the BEST sleep in a LONG time). I only got up a couple of times. However last night I went to bed about 9:30 and went to the bathroom around 11, 1, 2, 3 and finally got up to eat around 4ish :) Maybe it was the almost full moon and my body thought it was Sunlight. LOL

My ankles have swelled at times when I am on my feet a lot. My lower back is getting sore and my ligament on the sides are starting to hurt more. I am getting lots of practice contractions that I can feel more in my back. They are preparing me for the "real" thing. Just recently I have started having acid re-flux which is normal for me during the 1st and 3rd trimesters of my pregnancies. Although with this one I have been able to eat things I wasn't able to with the others. I have been able to eat tomatoes and tomato sauce, green chilies, salsa etc. Eating spicy things in the beginning suggested I was having a boy. When I was pregnant with Logan I ate sliced jalapenos! 

Before this pregnancy I worked very hard to lose over 50 pounds! Little did I know I was preparing my body to bring another child into this world. This has been one of the easiest pregnancy's I have had. I am very grateful for that. My last pregnancy I thought that i could never do that again. Brandon even recently told me that when I was pregnant with Lily it was really bad and that i could't do anything. Although I haven't been able to exercise this pregnancy I have watched what I've eaten and tried to eat as "healthy " as I can. It gets harder the more tired I get. I started out at 135 and now I am at 164 or 165! I was 162 BEFORE I got pregnant with Lily. I always weighed over 200 POUNDS by the time I delivered my other babies. So I am very proud of this accomplishment. I haven't eaten at McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, or Taco Bell! Which normally was a staple in previous pregnancies! LOL
35 weeks pregnant with Lily

Brandon and the kiddos helped do a belly cast a couple nights ago for family home evening. I stood leaning and kind of sitting on a stool for about 50 minutes. Brandon did a great job. It has to be sanded etc. before it is finished however it really shows the difference in this pregnancy and when I was pregnant with Lily.

About 37 weeks this pregnancy with Mark (LEFT)
35 Weeks Pregnant with Lily (RIGHT)

A few weeks ago when I was grocery shopping at Costco I ran into Cami Austin, who we go to church with. Well we used to go to church with her. However her family and our family go to different buildings now. Anyways, we got to chatting and she asked me if I was having a Baby Shower? I said no. She said you have to you are having a boy. I will throw you one and I'm going to call people in your Ward or Congregation for those of you who don't know what Ward means. I am so grateful that I ran into Cami that day and that she was so kind and inspired  to think of me and my baby. I had a wonderful baby shower on Saturday June 11th. Heather Carlisle, Marjorie Sprague, and Cami Austin threw it for me in a short period of time. So many people were so gracious and blessed my life with not only gifts but memories. I was so glad that I was able to celebrate this last pregnancy and celebrate this new life that I will bringing into the world shortly.
She was unable to be at the shower since her son was sick :(

Heather Me and Marjorie 


Faith was having so much fun!

LOTS of Clothes for Mark

My Mother in Law
Some of my Friends that Came

I realized that this last picture is the only one I have of Dana. She was taking most of the pictures. Faith and Dana were the only ones that came out of my kiddos.

My mind wonders to my past pregnancy's so bear with me. You may want to fast forward to the end if you'd like. Since this may be boring for most of you. This is more for me kind of journaling for my posterity's sake.

I'm remembering my first "pregnancy" now. I didn't know how far along I was because my periods were very irregular. I had struggled since I was a teenager with "woman" issues. Lots of BAD menstrual cramps etc. I remember I was working cleaning houses at the time of this pregnancy. I remember getting really dizzy and nauseous one day while cleaning a bathroom, which they say is a good sign in pregnancy. My Mom even got me a little Noah's Ark white onesie. It was so cute and little. My Dr. had ordered an ultrasound to figure out how far along I was. I had my husband and my Mom there when I had the ultrasound done. I was so excited. They had them stay out in the waiting room while they got things ready. So while by myself she was looking at the baby and I didn't see the monitor. The Dr. put her hand on my leg and said, "I don't know how to tell you this, but the baby never developed." I think I was maybe 10-12 weeks along. Very sad day for me. It was like I lost my first child. To me there was a baby growing inside of me. It was very difficult to think it was just a blob or cells (blighted ovum). The Dr. asked me if I wanted to tell my husband or if she should. I decided to tell him. I was also given the option of miscarrying on my own and perhaps losing a lot of blood in the process, or having a D&C. I chose a  D&C. Which meant I had to have my cervix dilated for the rest of the day until my D&C in the morning. OUCH it hurt! I had a hard time walking and was in a lot of pain.

I had the D&C the next morning and my Dr. asked if she could pray with us. She asked God to guide her hands. I was very impressed with her prayer. How many Dr's pray with their patients before surgery?

Well afterwards I remember my Church Family really stepping up to the plate. Doing our laundry bringing meals in. Sending cards and gifts. I felt that in my time of need I was being blessed with friends who helped me so much and were very comforting.

 As a child I thought that I would never be able to have children. After my "miscarriage" we moved to Texas with the Air Force.  I struggled with PCOS and had ALL kinds of tests and procedures to figure that diagnosis out.
 I had to take Clomid (well I thought I did at the time) to get pregnant with Logan.

END of Part One

May 3, 2011

Broccoli Salad

I made this salad this past Sunday. On Monday I put it in the kids lunches for school. Faith,Lily, and I ate the rest of it! Everyone except Maggie liked it. LOGAN even liked it. I made one with pecans and raisins, and one with cashews and no raisins (Logan won't eat raisins)

Mar 17, 2011

My Recent Dreams a GIFT from my Heavenly Father (Part 1)

Recently I had two dreams, one after the other. That caused me to wake up in tears. I was able to share both dreams with my husband who was so kind and comforting to me.

In the first dream I saw some horrible things happen around me. It was actually a flood. I saw a house in my neighborhood lifted up by water and carried away. I could see the water rushing our way. I thought I needed to hurry to my house and get the pictures, the photographs that I could not replace if they got ruined. My children were not around at this point. I started running with my husband to get the photos, but it was too late. I saw in front of me the water covering certain pictures and a painting that I believe was my grandfathers painting. Just a second too late. (Maybe I dreamed this because of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Although I had only watched one maybe two videos online about the situation. I don't watch a lot of TV and haven't heard or seen much about it. Other than what people are writing on Facebook. Maybe I am purposely not wanting to know so I don't get upset about it or maybe I am too busy to stop and watch, not sure.)

Anyways, in my dream I was told by the Lord before this calamity happened to be prepared. To make sure I had a 3 day supply of emergency items for my family (72 hour emergency preparedness kit). I remember how horrible it was to know I was told to do this and I didn't listen! My dream was filled with trying to scramble round and get things together around the house. Everything was such a mess and I thought how easy it would've been if I just listened, packed everything in one place and then I could grab it and go when we needed to get out.

I remember my children at one point after the water had gone down that they were sledding on the streets that were now covered with ice and snow. They were happy, laughing, and playing while I was still trying to figure things out. (Which of course it all doesn't make sense.)

My neighbors were having some what of a party with there family cooking in their front yard. Kind of oblivious to what just happened. I was even sharing with them about being prepared. Like I was prepared?

I have actually been working on being prepared. I just put a LARGE order in of  food and some emergency things Food that if I use it right will and can sustain us. Although I need to finish on my 72 hour Kit. About a month ago I bought this big duffel bag that has wheels. I just need to fill it up now. And this dream has prompted me to take action.

For many, many years the Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have counseled us to be prepared with food storage and emergency supplies for our family. In my previous marriage I had a good start with food storage. Although I couldn't take it with me and I'm not sure what ever happened to it.

You know we don't know what will happen in our lives, why we may need these things. It could be a natural disaster, it could be that food around the world is being affected by disasters, or for whatever reason we can't get the things we need at the store, even loss of employment.

I am just grateful that we have been warned and that I have time to get these things accomplished (hopefully) and that if something happens we will be prepared.

Mar 15, 2011

Baked Potato and Pea Salad

BAKED POTATO with coconut oil (instead of butter) Steamed Broccoli, and CASHEW CHEEZE SAUCE 

Potatoes, any kind, any amount
Extra virgin olive oil, (optional)
1. Preheat oven 350°.
2. Scrub potatoes and prick with a fork (this will prevent them from exploding).
3. You can rub the skins with a small amount of olive oil, if desired. This will make
the skins crispier, but if you use too much it will drip in your oven and smoke like
4. Place potatoes directly on the oven rack and bake 40 minutes for small red or gold
potatoes and up to an hour for large russets. Potatoes should pierce easily with a
fork when done.

A non-dairy cheese substitute that will melt over warm dishes. This freezes well, and is easier
to grate when frozen. This comes out a lot like a processed cheese such as Velveeta. It is
pictured here without the gelatin as a sauce, which is how I use it most.
1 c water
1 ¼ c hot water
2 c raw cashews
¼ c nutritional yeast flakes
2 t sea salt
2 t onion powder
¼ t garlic powder
¼ c fresh squeezed lemon juice
1. Add cashews and blend thoroughly with water while adding remaining ingredients.
2. Blend until the mixture is very smooth ( I use the Vita mix to heat it up)
3. Cover before refrigerating. Refrigerate overnight. After this firming period, it can be
frozen. (I use it right out of the Vita mix then refrigerate what I don't use.)
Variations: Will thicken slightly when warmed
gently over low heat. Great over vegetables or as a vegetable dip. 

PEA SALAD use fresh or frozen peas (I like Costco's organic)

1 red onion, cut to pea sized dice or use 3 T chives, dried or fresh
½ T extra virgin olive oil (use only if sautéing onion)
4 cups frozen peas, thawed under hot tap water in a strainer until warmed
¼ t sage
¼ t thyme
1t honey
¼-1/3 c Almondaise (or more, if you like it extra creamy) RECIPE TO FOLLOW 

1 T dried dill or 3 T fresh, finely chopped dill
Sea salt to taste— ½ t
Freshly ground black pepper to taste
1. Chop red onion to a pea-size dice. If desired, onion may be sautéed in the olive oil to soften, otherwise omit oil and use raw or use chives for speed and ease.
2. Add peas to onions and mix well. Add remaining ingredients. Stir well to combine.
Variation: Use peas and corn or frozen mixed vegetables instead of just peas.

Traci says: "It is my pleasure to introduce the wonder of this miracle food. It is miraculous in the
respect that not only is it a very tasty, completely raw mayonnaise substitute that uses no
eggs; it also doubles as a marvelous dairy replacement. Learning how to make it is well
worth the effort. Homemade mayonnaise is a temperamental thing, and every so often, a
batch will fail to thicken to the desired consistency. In the 5 years that I have been
making it, I’ve had about 8-10 batches fail. However, it is such a
wonderful versatile food the small risk is well worth it."
½ c sprouted raw whole almonds, (measure after sprouting) 
½ c water
1 - 1 ¼ c light olive oil*
3 T fresh squeezed lemon juice
1. Have all ingredients handy.
2. Place almonds** in blender with ½ c water and grind to a smooth
paste. If necessary, add just enough additional water to keep
mixture moving.
3. With blender still running, remove insert in the top of the blender
and drizzle in the oil in a thin stream until the mixture is thick. A
bead of oil should rest on top of the churning mixture.
4. Add lemon juice. Blend for 1 full minute longer, stopping
blender to stir down sides, and reblend to thicken entire mixture.
5. Store refrigerated in a tightly sealed container 5-7 days. Water
tends to separate out of the mixture occasionally, simply stir
before using.
Transitional: Blanched unsprouted almonds can be used in place of
the sprouted, slightly more water may be needed to get the paste
*substituting extra virgin olive oil for the light is a matter of taste. If you love extra
virgin, go for it. If you don’t absolutely love extra virgin, use the light. Many
students have reported that they had to throw out an entire batch/or dish made with
the extra virgin because the flavor was so strong that they couldn’t eat it. Other
students report that they never use anything but the extra virgin and love it.
I am very particular and love both, in their context. I wrote the recipes as I
prefer them and use light where it is called for and extra virgin where it is
called for.
** Peeling the almonds is something I have done in the past. It is
recommended only for the very finicky or skeptical. It improves the texture
of the basic product and I do peel the almonds when first introducing
someone to Almondaise, such as in my cooking classes. For my own
personal use and in my bakery, however, we never bother with peeling the
almonds. By the time you season it up for whatever dish you’re making

the tiny brown flecks of peel disappear in the mixture, and it saves a
considerable amount of time and effort.

See Chapter 6 of Traci’s Transformational Health Principles for
the chart of which nuts and seeds sprout.
Nuts and seeds are really the easiest to sprout, because all they
really require is some soaking, and they keep well in the
refrigerator for a couple weeks. Please note that with nuts and
seeds I use the term soaked and sprouted interchangeably.
1. Place nuts or seeds in a jar with a tight fitting lid.
2. Fill with water.
3. Allow nuts/seeds to soak for about 8 hours, in or out of the
refrigerator. They will swell to approximately twice their normal
4. Rinse off before use.
5. If not using immediately, keep nuts covered with water in jar in
the fridge for up to 2 weeks, changing water occasionally.
We just refill the jar whenever it is empty, so we always have soaked nuts/seeds on hand for
milks, snacks, and Almondaise or whatever and keep it in the fridge. If your water gets a
little murky, just rinse it off and change it. If the seeds sit longer than about 2 weeks they will
begin to ferment, and will be useable only for Almond or Sunflower Seed Cheeze

Mar 13, 2011


Well it has been a WEEK without a microwave. I know what you're thinking WHAT? How could you do that? You have 5 kids! I wasn't sure I could do it. It was like an experiment. I thought well if it is too hard then maybe I will bring it back in the house.

 In my reading last week in "Traci's Transformational Health Principles" by Traci Sellers I came across a paragraph on pg. 16 that talks about EMF's (Electromagnetic Fields) and Radiation. I quote "We did get rid of our microwave oven when we found out that it literally pumps radiation into the room whether it is on or off, will disrupt normal cellular activity and will drain the value from any plant within 20 feet of it."
How could I ignore this? What would my husband think now? With a lot of questions in my head and wondering if I could even do with out a microwave oven I unplugged it and put it in the garage. 

(I understand there are more things in the environment that are toxic, cell phones etc.) I have chosen to eliminate this one. I have made many changes in the past 14 months what is one more :)

Well I have heated things up on the stove and defrosted things without a MICROWAVE!!!! It can be done.

I love this book. It has lots of information and is easy to understand, although it is deep. If you are ready for it like I was it will be quite the blessing in your life. I have made several things from Traci's Cookbook as well. I've sprouted lentils and low cooked them to keep the life in them. I am currently spouting hard white wheat and want to make my own bread with it. I will let ya know how that goes. 

I found this list at the very end of this article. I read some of the article but not all of it. I found this list CRAZY! I just read it before posting this blog. You can read the FULL ARTICLE here :

"The Hidden Hazards of Microwave Cooking" by Anthony Wayne and Lawrence Newell

Ten Reasons not to Use Your Microwave Oven

Based on Swiss, Russian and German clinical studies

  1. Continually eating food processed from a microwave oven causes long term, permanent, brain damage by "shorting out" electrical impulses in the brain [de-polarizing or de-magnetizing the brain tissue].
  2. The human body cannot metabolize [break down] the unknown by-products created in micro-waved food.
  3. Male and female hormone production is shut down and/or altered by continually eating micro-waved foods.
  4. The effects of micro-waved food by-products are residual [long term, permanent] within the human body.
  5. Minerals, vitamins, and nutrients of all micro-waved food is reduced or altered so that the human body gets little or no benefit, or the human body absorbs altered compounds that cannot be broken down.
  6. The minerals in vegetables are altered into cancerous free radicals when cooked in a microwave oven.
  7. Micro-waved foods cause stomach and intestinal cancerous growths [tumors]. This has been a primary contributor to the rapidly increased rate of colon cancer in the United States.
  8. The prolonged eating of micro-waved foods causes cancerous cells to increase in human blood.
  9. Continual ingestion of micro-waved food causes immune system deficiencies through lymph gland and blood serum alterations.
  10. Eating micro-waved food causes loss of memory, concentration, emotional instability, and a decrease of intelligence.

Mar 12, 2011

Logan is ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood 4 yrs. Ago

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Mar 11, 2011

Cooking with LOTS of VEGGIES

I LOVED Genghis Grill so much I had to recreate what I ate there.
I did have leftovers but the kiddos ate most of them...
so I made some for me. It turned out pretty tasty.

Raw: celery,carrots, purple cabbage,broccoli,baby bella mushrooms,
jalapeños and frozen green beans (used what I had)
Sauteed in coconut oil, garlic powder,salt, course malaber pepper,
crushed red pepper, the sauce I made with
Bragg's amino acids & honey
I added some Organic short grain brown rice to the mix

Now for DINNER The Kids have been wanting PIZZA
Daiya mozzarella cheese, black olives, roma tomatoes, chopped spinach,
baby bella mushrooms, chopped green chili,
turkey pastrami from Keller's for Logan :)
Homemade whole wheat crust & pizza sauce

Whole Wheat Pizza Dough
this is a recipe I actually followed. No subbing or omitting :)
Ultimate Pizza Sauce
I used grade B maple syrup instead of sugar,
omitted the Parmesan cheese, I also didn't put butter,onions, celery or fennel.
Again use what you have but I HIGHLY suggest
dried basil and oregano if you don't have any buy some YUMMY!