Jul 23, 2011

Mark's Birth Story (unfinished in my drafts for over 3 yrs.)

I am finally starting to write my Mark's Birth Story. He will be one month tomorrow. I can't believe how time has passed so quickly. I am doing well and been doing a little exercising here and there the past few days. (sit-ups, squats, and push ups) I am so ready to run again.

Thursday July 23 I had my last midwife appointment before Mark was born. I decided to take all the kiddos with me. I would usually take Dana and Faith and Lily and have Logan watch Maggie. On that day Dana decided she didn't want to go. So I was trying to figure out how to do it. I finally just decided to take all of them. They weren't behaving so well. My midwife Jen told me they needed to be quiet because there was an acupuncture session going on. I was embarrassed that she had to tell me to keep my kids quiet. So Logan was the only one outside of the room. I had all four girls in the room with me. They were still misbehaving. I wasn't in a very good mood. I was even short with Jen! I apologized to her later in a text at 12:46 pm I said, " Sorry about my kiddos I won't be bringing all of them anymore. Not sure why they couldn't listen."
I tend to always get grumpy, mean and angry when I am about to deliver. It seems everyone  and everything gets on my nerves. it is like I want to be by  myself and get away from everyone. I especially am not kind too Brandon. I am not sure why if there is a surge in some kind of hormone that makes me feel angry. The kiddos start getting yelled at it is a mess. I always have to apologize then try to explain it is because I am about to have a baby and that is why I am not very nice.

Jen said," I understand about the kiddos, just wanted you & Mark to get the attention you deserve.

I said, "Thank you, sorry I am grumpy today."

Jen said," You're allowed to be grumpy- pregnant in NM Summer with lots of responsibilities is a tall order!

I was resting ALL day. I knew I needed to listen to my body and rest and not worry about other things. Which is really hard to do when you have 5 children. I think Netflix was watching them hat day. I just let myself lay in bed and rest. My body definitely knew something and I am glad I listened to it. 

Brandon had to be at Youth Conference in the evening after work. He also needed to be there on Friday all day. He had already taken off of work for Friday. We  kept saying how Friday would be great because he already had the day off.

At 5:06 I texted Brandon, Blood tinged mucus woohoo... now if I can just get regular contractions.

At 5:08pm I sent a text to Jen I said," Blood tinged mucus WOOHOO, it may not mean much but it is a sign of things opening up...... Now if I could start getting regular contractions :)" 

Brandon called on the phone and I was upset with him. I guess I was wishing he could be home with me I just wanted him here with me. I also wanted to support him in being there for the Youth. However I said to him why don't you just stay the night there.... He didn't hear me and he said, "What"? I said, "Nothing". I knew what i said wasn't very nice so I didn't repeat it. My body was getting ready to have the baby, I was still grumpy with him, yet I wanted him with me.

Not sure what time it was maybe around 9pm when I let Faith and Lily get into bed with. In order to get Faith to go to sleep I let her watch a Curious George Movie on Netflix on my laptop. I was on one side, Lilybug was in the middle and Faithy girl was on the the other side of the bed next to the computer.  It may sound weird but that night with the little ones was very special to me. Snuggling with Lily was so special. Falling to sleep next to her. The night before Lily was falling to sleep with her hand on my belly. She loved to feel my belly and talk about baby Mark. Brandon got home late and put the girls in their beds. I am not sure what time he got to bed but I think it was 11:30 or after.

I woke up a little after 1am with a contraction and it felt like Mark's head just dropped. I started having contractions lots of contractions. I texted Jen and this is what I said. "Just a heads up I got woken up by an interesting contraction and it felt like the baby's head moving down. I had 5 contractions in 17 mins. Some were pretty good they seem real to me. Getting a bit nervous and shaky."

I wasn't sure if I was shaky because I was excited and nervous or if it had to do with labor. I did wake Brandon up, I didn't know he barely had any sleep. I wanted him to help get everything ready that we needed to have our home water birth.

We had the pool blown up all ready. We needed to add a little more air to it, get plastic and another set of sheets put on the bed, put a blanket down and some tarps down. I had all the other supplies ready to go. Towels, wash cloths, chux pads, outfits for the baby etc.

All these things kept going through my mind of what I wanted to do before Mark was born. I wanted to get pictures with all the kiddos with my belly. Dana was the only kiddo staying home the rest of the kiddos were going to go to Grammas. Gramma got here about 5:30. I really would've like it if more of the kiddos could've been there. I asked Logan if he wanted to be here for the birth he said yes then changed his mind. Maggie wasn't at all interested. Faith and Lily I thought were too young. Lily for sure was. I really wanted to be able to concentrate on laboring without feeling like I had to take care of the little ones at the same time. Bernadette was wonderful to take them.

I was able to get pictures and video with the kiddos and my belly.

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