Jun 17, 2011

Reminiscing About My Pregnancies (Part Two) Logan

I love how the Lord puts certain people in our lives to help us along our way. These people can be the answers to your prayers. Gods angels on earth. Brooke was one of those angels for me, an answer to my prayers. I really wanted to have a baby after having a miscarriage or blighted ovum. I wondered what to do. I became friends with Brooke, we went to church together. I remember one night we were driving in her car and we were having a great conversation. She had struggled with infertility and she began asking me a lot of personal questions (which were quite appropriate). I answered them and she said I bet you have the same thing that I do, Stein Leventhal Syndrome or PCOS .  Since she went through all the tests etc. She knew what would work best and what I should ask the Dr. to do. I followed her advice (knowing the Lord put her in my path). I had blood tests, ultrasounds, a hysterosalpingogram-HSG done, among other things. I did have PCOS. I was so grateful that Brooke and I had that conversation that night. She set me on a road that resulted in me getting pregnant with my first child, my son Logan. It was very frustrating at times. I remember having to be very proactive knowing that I did have PCOS and that I needed the Dr. to know that I did! I found myself at times telling him what I wanted done. Then I had to make sure he gave me the results. Geesh the Air Force.... that is all I can say.

 The Dr. prescribed Clomid, I took only one round of pills (like 4) and boom got pregnant with Logan.
Knowing what I know now and looking back on my life, if you think that you have PCOS it can be cured... atleast it is my belief  that through exercise and diet you can be cured. I wouldn't recommend being on hormones, Metformin, or infertility drugs for any extended period of time. We need to heal our bodies and make them work correctly through natural means.

With that being said I was not in the best of shape when I was pregnant with Logan. I got HUGE! My face swelled and my ankles swelled. By belly was giant. I was around 31 or 32 weeks and I was having lots of contractions and they stopped them with a Tributaline shot. OUCH! It hurt really bad and continued to be sore even after I had Logan! They told me that if I went into labor before 36 weeks i wouldn't be able to deliver at the Air Force Hospital (Dyess Air Foece Base).

I had wonderful friends plan a shower for me. Suzanne and Gidget. I was due on March 26th 1999. And they threw the shower for me on February 21st. Some people wondered why I was having the shower a month before he was due. Like it was way too soon to have a baby shower. I told people well I was 8 weeks early and who knows if he will be early or not.

Logan's Auntie Elle flew in from Utah to come to the shower. She made a very sweet blanket for him. We lived in Abilene Texas at the time. And Elle had to fly out of Lubbock TX. She flew out on the 22nd and before she left she said, "Now don't go having that baby now that I am leaving!"

I remember that drive (which was over a 2 hour drive) was very uncomfortable for me. I was so very sore. I wass exhaustes by the time we came home. I was so tired I went to bed as soon as we got home. I remember getting up several times to go to potty. It was the weirdest thing while walking to the toilet I had to go so bad, then when I sat down I couldn't go. I stood up and I had to etc. etc. So I just stood up to empty my bladder. TMI I know but I just thought it to be so strange.

At 1AM I was woken up to a FLOOD! My water BROKE! I wasn't due for another 4 1/2 weeks! It was really a beautiful feeling for me an overwhelming feeling of I am going to meet my son soon! I remember being told about if your water breaks how it really is. I was told that it isn't like in the movies where it just floods all over the place. It is more like a trickle. YA RIGHT!  Mine wasn't a trickle!

With every contractions lots of water came out. I wondered what happened to my gigantic belly? Where did it go? I called my mom. She said, "Now it will happen one of  two ways, either you go quick or it will take a while." (what are the other options LOL) I was just chatting away. My husband (now ex husband)... to be continued

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