Mar 11, 2011

Cooking with LOTS of VEGGIES

I LOVED Genghis Grill so much I had to recreate what I ate there.
I did have leftovers but the kiddos ate most of them...
so I made some for me. It turned out pretty tasty.

Raw: celery,carrots, purple cabbage,broccoli,baby bella mushrooms,
jalapeƱos and frozen green beans (used what I had)
Sauteed in coconut oil, garlic powder,salt, course malaber pepper,
crushed red pepper, the sauce I made with
Bragg's amino acids & honey
I added some Organic short grain brown rice to the mix

Now for DINNER The Kids have been wanting PIZZA
Daiya mozzarella cheese, black olives, roma tomatoes, chopped spinach,
baby bella mushrooms, chopped green chili,
turkey pastrami from Keller's for Logan :)
Homemade whole wheat crust & pizza sauce

Whole Wheat Pizza Dough
this is a recipe I actually followed. No subbing or omitting :)
Ultimate Pizza Sauce
I used grade B maple syrup instead of sugar,
omitted the Parmesan cheese, I also didn't put butter,onions, celery or fennel.
Again use what you have but I HIGHLY suggest
dried basil and oregano if you don't have any buy some YUMMY!

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