Mar 17, 2011

My Recent Dreams a GIFT from my Heavenly Father (Part 1)

Recently I had two dreams, one after the other. That caused me to wake up in tears. I was able to share both dreams with my husband who was so kind and comforting to me.

In the first dream I saw some horrible things happen around me. It was actually a flood. I saw a house in my neighborhood lifted up by water and carried away. I could see the water rushing our way. I thought I needed to hurry to my house and get the pictures, the photographs that I could not replace if they got ruined. My children were not around at this point. I started running with my husband to get the photos, but it was too late. I saw in front of me the water covering certain pictures and a painting that I believe was my grandfathers painting. Just a second too late. (Maybe I dreamed this because of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Although I had only watched one maybe two videos online about the situation. I don't watch a lot of TV and haven't heard or seen much about it. Other than what people are writing on Facebook. Maybe I am purposely not wanting to know so I don't get upset about it or maybe I am too busy to stop and watch, not sure.)

Anyways, in my dream I was told by the Lord before this calamity happened to be prepared. To make sure I had a 3 day supply of emergency items for my family (72 hour emergency preparedness kit). I remember how horrible it was to know I was told to do this and I didn't listen! My dream was filled with trying to scramble round and get things together around the house. Everything was such a mess and I thought how easy it would've been if I just listened, packed everything in one place and then I could grab it and go when we needed to get out.

I remember my children at one point after the water had gone down that they were sledding on the streets that were now covered with ice and snow. They were happy, laughing, and playing while I was still trying to figure things out. (Which of course it all doesn't make sense.)

My neighbors were having some what of a party with there family cooking in their front yard. Kind of oblivious to what just happened. I was even sharing with them about being prepared. Like I was prepared?

I have actually been working on being prepared. I just put a LARGE order in of  food and some emergency things Food that if I use it right will and can sustain us. Although I need to finish on my 72 hour Kit. About a month ago I bought this big duffel bag that has wheels. I just need to fill it up now. And this dream has prompted me to take action.

For many, many years the Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have counseled us to be prepared with food storage and emergency supplies for our family. In my previous marriage I had a good start with food storage. Although I couldn't take it with me and I'm not sure what ever happened to it.

You know we don't know what will happen in our lives, why we may need these things. It could be a natural disaster, it could be that food around the world is being affected by disasters, or for whatever reason we can't get the things we need at the store, even loss of employment.

I am just grateful that we have been warned and that I have time to get these things accomplished (hopefully) and that if something happens we will be prepared.

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  1. I am so happy that you shared this. I have also been feeling strong to have things in order to care for my family. So about a half of a year ago I did just that. We have enough to be ok for at least six months. But I by no means have anything ready for the 72 hours. I know that things can just happen and we have to pick up on a whem. Tonight before I read your blog I had this thought in the car. you just gave me the nudge I needed. thanks doll! love ya...