Mar 11, 2011

Celebrating 35 YEARS

I spent A LOT of time trying to figure out where to go for dinner. Finally chose Genghis Grill.
It is a Mongolian Grill. Fresh veggies etc. It is very yummy!
Dana eating Udon Noodles

I opened some presents there

Lily recovering after Faith spilled a big glass of ice water on her.
( accidentally of course )

I was looking forward to coming home to these cookies I made myself.
They were so good I sent a dozen with Brandon to work
so I wouldn't eat them the day after my birthday!
This match was my candle... it kept going out
before I could blow it out!

Some of my birthday blessings

Card Dana made with gift cards 
Maggie and Dana made a card for me

Flowers from Brandon
Bernadette gave me an iPOD Touch
with accessories!
(Homemade card )
Brandon gave me President Monson's biography, iPOD case with stand,
 music from Amazon,
(and the sweetest card EVER!)
My friend Heather MADE me hand warmers and
a bigger warmer for my neck etc.
(also can be put in the freezer for the warm summer days coming up.)
Plus coupon book and recipe book.
My friend Marjorie made me the earrings (LOVE them)
and gave me this YUMMY blackberry vanilla lotion

Just got this form my sister Elle. It is a Michael Jackson
Christmas ornament that lights up and plays music..
LOVE it, it makes me smile :)
Thanks Elle

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